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Worried you might not be fulfilling your employer obligations? Or are you drowning in paperwork? Help is at hand. We offer specialist Brisbane workplace advice, recommending the tools you need, installing the best software for the job and giving you the confidence to manage your HR with ease.


Human Resource Services

We offer outsourced HR consulting spanning all aspects of employment relations, from encouraging staff engagement and rewarding great performance to dealing with timekeeping issues and disputes. We help establish policies, streamline payroll processing and instigate EAP (Employee Assistance Programmes).

With working practices in constant flux – for example, you may currently have employees based at home – we can advise on the best HR systems to navigate new developments and keep your business on top form.

Workplace Compliance

Employers in Australia must comply with the Fair Work Act, otherwise fines may be imposed. But employment legislation can seem daunting. We’ll help you understand your minimum requirements as an employer and ensure you’re fully up to date with compliance.

Our team will immerse themselves in the workings of your business before providing a package of practical support, advice and software tailored exactly to your needs. When you need Brisbane workplace advice, you can rely on us to give you the right tools for the job.

Workplace Investigations

Sometimes, regrettably, issues can arise between employer and employee. You may have a problem with a member of staff, or they may have a grievance against you. If not dealt with properly, the situation risks getting out of hand. Trust our team to carry out a fair investigation and follow the correct procedures to resolve the matter professionally.

As well as HR experts, adept at assisting with workplace grievance investigations, our team includes a specialist with over 20 years of private investigation experience in private, government and insurance sectors.





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Here's what our customers have to say

I always thought I’d been paying my staff properly, but a few of them were querying the weekend rates. Then I heard Fair Work was auditing cafés in the area and I started to worry I’d be next. I didn’t know where to start to fix it – I couldn’t afford lawyers’ fees. A friend recommended AIS People and they got to work straight away, making sure everything about my business was above board. Then they helped me set up paperless onboarding and employment contracts so that I was all sorted for the future. Lovely people and the peace of mind was priceless!

J Whistle, Café Owner

I’d been running my boutique in Brisbane for a couple of years. It was doing well but I had a high turnover of staff – mainly fashion students seeking experience of the business. Sorting out all the paperwork was beginning to take over my life. I looked into some Gold Coast HR software and found Employment Hero, but I didn’t really know what to do with it so it just added to my stress. Then I discovered AIS People. They swooped in like guardian angels! Finding out everything about my business before recommending the best tools for the job. They taught me how to use Employment Hero, and now it works like a dream. I can manage my staff and payroll wherever I am – usually sitting at home on my sofa, G&T in hand, at the end of another busy day! Life is so much easier and I’ve discovered a renewed passion for my small business.

Flo Wright, Owner, FloFlair